Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soon-to-be Home Sweet Home...

We finally reserved an awesome studio apartment right on the beach...It will serve as our first residence during our stay in Hawaii. 






So I don't know what I like best, the lizard motif or the turquoise wall color! Either way, I feel like this room was inspired by our very own Southwestern style. Our place is actually next door to the duplex I lived in while attending BYU-H in the summer of '05. The owners actually started remodeling when I was there...little did they know I was the one sneaking in their backyard to catch rays by the ocean. Little did I know I would be back 5 years later to live in one of their units--WITH MY HUSBAND! 

I always told myself I wouldn't return to BYU-H UNLESS I was married. I only lived in Hawaii for one summer (2 1/2 Months) and I was counting down the days till I could return to mainland. It's just too hard to be that far away from family! On that note, I hope that we can convince our family and friends to pay us a visit. It's a win/win. 

Tommy will be starting school in the fall and I hope to be starting school in the winter. I would love to finish my bachelor's degree at BYU-H and maybe pursue my master's degree. Living in Hawaii will allow Tommy and I to focus more on our schooling than our jobs. Although we will be working part-time our main focus will be on our classes (FOR ONCE!). 

Hawaii here we come...

she & him