Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 64th Dad!

I just wanted to dedicate this little number to you...

I hope you have a wonderful day full of dessert...and soda! We love you!
Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Adornment...

Our neighbors have this poster identical to ours...in fact they have the original...with their last name "Baird" written in the banner. Their sister recently moved here to go to school, an art major, she free-handed various beards for the Baird's. Of course we thought it was hilarious and begged her to make one for us, although the play on words doesn't cater to our last name, we still love it. It is kind of a tribute to the many beards of Tommy... 

In other news:
Our projected departure date was recently pushed back up to April 2012 due to our lack of residency status at a local community college. We're still at BYU-H, but Tommy was going to double time it at Windward Community College to pick up some pre-med pre-reqs. After rounds of discussion with their lack luster admissions staff we decided to throw in the towel. As planned, we will be graduating together in April...and then it'll be Aloha Oe to us. 

Have you ever been homesick and away-sick at the same time? I'm not really homesick, let's face it, as long as I have Tommy I'm fine anywhere {aka the co-dependent wife syndrome}. As of late I have been missing the family get-togethers like crazy, missing my niece, Navy, that was born literally right after we got here, taking Grandma Doris to breakfast, those kinds of things. It doesn't help that I crave Chipotle on a weekly basis or when Tommy brings up Tia Rosa's or Matta's. Arizona sings to my heart and it will always be my true home. 

While on a walk yesterday evening, I couldn't help but be awestruck at the beauty and magnificence of the ocean. Watching the endless waves rolling in, we perched ourselves on a piece a driftwood that washed ashore Temple Beach. Although we rarely visit this beach, it was a perfect setting for an evening talk or lack of talk, as I sat and reflected on how much I am going to miss our chapter in Laie, Hawaii. To think, we will no longer have an all access pass to paradise seems unfathomable. I've dearly missed this island once...and I can just feel I am going to miss it even more this time around. 

As they say, you are either moving forward or standing still. Our future is yet to be determined as we are still weighing our two options, but we know we could be moving on to just about anywhere! The West coast, the East coast, even the Mid-West...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Lately, I haven't been able to get over this song. 

Tommy and I are about two weeks into First Term {4 weeks left}. Everything seems to be hitting all at once as I have three tests within 2 days...I'm already 9 chapters into statistics, 3 tests into an accounting class, and studying for my first test in another accounting class. Tommy doesn't really have tests to study for, his classes require papers instead. Either way, it's still work! 

Bad news...I lost $20 bucks yesterday. You know you're poor when you cry over losing $20! First off, I never ever carry cash, but I knew we were headed to Costco so I got $20 out so we could by our dinner. Some how I dropped it or it magically flew away. The bright side to my bad luck was Tommy sharing a similar experience he had as he tried to console me..."When I was in eighth grade, I put a $20 in a pair of my cargo shorts and when I reached in to pull it out, it was gone." Two words: Cargo Shorts! I'm still a little bummed about it...