Friday, January 21, 2011

To My Best Friends...

Happy 25th Birthday!!

"...make each day count." Jack Dawson, Titanic

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

iPhone 4. Verizon. It Begins. 02.10.11

"It will be mine. Oh yes! It will be mine." 
Wayne Campbell, Wayne's World 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New Year's Day 2010 - Pasadena, CA

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Tommy Gun & His Rum Guns

Chichen Itza - Mayan Ruins

Happy 24th Joz!

Gotta love Tommy's Birthday Cards

Go Suns!

Larry & The Jude visited on Mother's Day weekend

SheROX Tri 2010

Curtis Family Summer Vacation 2010 - San Diego, CA

Lee Family Campout - Colorado

Peace Out Okland...It was a glorious 5 years
{my bosses were totally cool with me testing out my Photo Booth app}

Okland's Concrete Stamp at the Komodo Dragon Exhibit - Phoenix Zoo
{I love that company!}

Kissed my car good-bye...I cried. 

Aloha Hawaii!!!

Moved into our first hale in Hawaii - Aka "Our kennel"

Purchased "Palolo" - '87 Toyota Camry - $500 

Spent our first couple weeks at Sunset Beach

Hiked Mauna Wili Falls - Kailua, Hawaii

Met the very precious Navy May Schmidt via Skype

Laie Temple Open House

Spent our very first night away from each other in November so Tommy could attend Danny & Kayla's wedding!

President Monson visited Laie to rededicate the Laie Temple

Billabong Pipemasters - Pipeline Beach - North Shore, Hawaii

Moved into our Hale Palace!

Best day of our lives!

Tommy turned 26!

Christmas Eve - The Bay Club - Turtle Bay Resort

Christmas Day - Waimea Bay - North Shore, Hawaii

Making some Christmas Brunch

Christmas Night - Bikini Beach - Laie, Hawaii

New Year's Eve 2010 - Waikiki, Hawaii

Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Year's Eve in Hawaii was one of our many firsts while living here...I say, we sure enjoyed it. We {Tommy & I, Mark & Natalie} welcomed our dear friends {Tanya & Rod} home from their Christmas vacation. The night went off without a hitch in our very own Waikiki, where we snuck into many a hot tub and grubbed up at the very fancy "Duke's" sports bar--ocean side. Might I suggest that everyone must see fireworks over the ocean when at all possible! It was fitting to reminisce about last year's New Year's Eve and last year in it's entirety...but it was surreal to imagine where next year's celebration will be. It's invigorating to sift through endless possibilities of what 2011 will bring us, as they say, as long as we have each other. 
To everyone, Happy New Year! 2011...