Friday, April 30, 2010

Ding, Ding -- Second Round!

"Suns top Blazers 99-90 and move on to face Spurs"

The Suns were up by 15 points last night when Tommy turned on the we flipped back and forth we were stressing because the Suns were starting to lose their heads as well as their lead. HOWEVER, they snapped out of it to win their round one series--only to move on to the bloody San Antonio Spurs! This is our year! GO SUNS!

{she & him}

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

April 23, 1953 - Tampa, Florida

Ode to The Jude
*First things first my Mom lets me call her The Jude
*She is an amazing seamstress--self taught
*Her Mexican food is my favorite!
*She is always coming up with businesses that we need to start--and the names that they should be called
*She amazing with money
* She has lived without her own washer & dryer for over three years, maybe even four


*Her love for sugar is almost as great as mine
*She loves watching HGTV and all networks alike
*Pride & Prejudice is probably one of her most favorite movies
*She's a songbrid
*I can thank her solely for my infinite love for music!
*She is the mother of six--sometimes seven if you include my Dad :)


*Grandmother of ten
*One of the people I can show my true colors to
*She is the baby of her family too
*She is a problem solver--and a listener
*She has lived in: France, Japan & Bolivia (and more I'm probably forgetting)
*She was a ballerina in her younger days
*She speaks Spanish
*She has always been my #1 fan in everything I do

Mom, the list goes on and on. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Know that we love you and we wish we could spend your special day with you. Have a very Happy Birthday!

With love,
{she & him}

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If this is love, pour me another glass...

I recently celebrated my 24th birthday! But this year was unlike any other--I actually loved my birthday! All thanks to this guy:

1. He surprised me with my favorite breakfast sandwich from McDonald's! Yes!
2. He finally let me in on what our activity of the day was--a 1.5 hour massage!
3. Once we got home I was surprised by a load of presents.
4. We enjoyed lunch together.
5. He took me birthday shopping--and was very patient--like he ALWAYS is.
6. We went to one of our most favorite Italian spots--Vincitorio's.
7. Finally, I got to open all my gifts! (which were wrapped in gift bags from our wedding--haha!)
The boy sure knows how to pick amazing cards!

These are sock monkey slippers--SO cute!

UP! I love this movie!

ANTHRO GIFT CARD--I'm making a monster face.

Cute Moccasins.

Our traditional gift--Mexican Coke.

My hero!

Tommy surprised me with one final gift--a cd with his own recordings! I love it! I love him! I have never felt so doted upon. He made my birthday so special, he made ME feel so special.

Tommy THANK YOU for everything you've done for me. I appreciate all of the time and effort you put in to planning my birthday. Thank you for all of your thoughtful gifts--and meals. You know me better than I know myself--and I love that. I love you!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Janelle!

Yay for Janelle! Today is her birthday! It seems we have always had to share our birthdays with each other because they are so close together, but that has never been a problem. However, this year planned her very own birthday party! She sent out invitations and everything. She is even having a special cake made. We cannot wait to celebrate with her! She also got one of the birthday presents I've ever heard of--a house! Lucky girl...

Happy Birthday Janelle!

{she & him}

Monday, April 12, 2010


{Note to Self}
 April is my favorite month of the year.

*Easter seemed to be extra special this year because General Conference shared the same weekend.
One of my favorite quotes:
"...remember that the only real control in life is self-control. Exercise more control over even the marginal moments that confront you." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Elder Holland was addressing a serious topic, however when he said these words about self-control, I realized so many areas of my life could be strengthened if I exercised MORE self-control. There were so many good talks during conference--talks that reminded me that the family/home is the center of all learning and growth. Principles can be taught elsewhere, but where we truly live and practice these teachings is in the home.

*I have rededicated myself to training for my triathlon
On Saturday I ran a 5k--just on the treadmill. It has been a long time since I have been running, but spending the forty minutes in reaching my goal made me feel like a champion. Running is mental--and I was able to stick with it.

My stomach has been playing tricks on me lately, so I started experimenting with dairy products. At first I had a small glass of chocolate milk. The next day I had some yogurt...and continued that for an entire week. I even worked my way up to eating cheesecake and frozen yogurt! All without a lactose pill! Yay!

*{On a bad note} I received a 69% on my last Calc Exam
Where is my mind? I have scored fairly high on my last two exams--by earning A's. However, I thought I had this last chapter down! The only thing down is my grade. I am still holding strong with a B in the class. My professor assures me that I can shoot for an A in the class as long as I get an A on the next test...AND do well on the final. We'll see about that last part. She said "DO NOT GIVE UP!" she could clearly see how defeated I was because of my last exam. I am going to try my hardest to stay dedicated.

*One of the Denim Girl's is going to have the very first Denim BABY Girl
Ashbabe texted me last Thursday with the good news that she will be having a baby girl. This little one is going to be doted on 10 fold--especially with me around. I already bought her a stuffed Giraffe so that she'll always have something to remind her of Aunt Jozie. :) I hope to be designing/sewing custom onesies for her too!

*All good things come to an end--Jessbabe is going back to BYU-Idaho--Again!
We all knew this was coming...Jessica comes and goes from BYU-Idaho every four months or so. It is always good to have her back. I am so happy we were able to spend as much time with her as we did. Tess, Ashley and I enjoyed a going away dinner with her on Saturday. It was fun to get together--and give her a proper farewell.

*Family Ties
I have been able to spend good amounts of time with my new family--The Curtis'. I have been somewhat helping our Sara Jane with her PROM plans. We went shoe shopping on Saturday! It was a success. On Sunday, Phylip asked me for my advice on what/how he should pursue his love for graphic design. How flattering?! Oh and we spent Easter with Tim & Audra and their kids. AND we were also able to double this past Friday with Danny & Kayla.

*Seven Months
Tommy and I have been married for seven month--to the day! Married life seems to be getting better and better. My most favorite things are our weekends. That's when we can actually spend time with each other! Tommy has been so supportive about me trying not to drink as much soda as I do--however he ordered me an EXTRA LARGE at Sonic on Saturday. {I have limited myself to "Sonic Saturdays"--the only day of the week I can drink soda.} He has been coaching me on how I can eat healthier--all at my request. It is nice to have someone on your side, motivating you. We make a great team!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Kori Cherise!

Meet my sister-in-law, Kori. She is the most amazing woman in the world and today is her birthday! Along with being so thoughful, she loves to be of service. Kori made about 200+ cookies for our wedding reception--her recipe is second to none. Kori is the mother of four and manages to keep a SPOTLESS house that is completely organized! I would always tell her that I need her to come to my house and help me put things in order. She is filled ingenious ideas, ideas that I hope to borrow some day. Also the girl knows where it's at...whenever we visit {Farmington} we always manage to find ourselves at Sonic. She knows her soda. Above all that, she was my first sister-in-law and I have always had a great bond with her. I could talk to her for hours. I am so glad we she said "Yes" to Jesse! Oh Kori, I admire you so...

Happy Birthday!