Sunday, June 19, 2011


After Monday's long day of school and work, I was greeted by this lovely display on our kitchen table. {It took me a second to process, I panicked and quickly asked myself if it was our anniversary!} The prior week/weekend I had been battling a random allergy attack. All the while we were spending our last weekend with our good friends Rod & Tanya before they left Hawaii for good. Needless to say, I had been under the weather for many reasons...and needed some cheering up. Tommy knew just the ticket...FLOWERS!

On Saturday, Tommy and I were able to escape to Castles Beach for a mini surfing session...where I officially caught 4 waves! There is nothing I love more than conquering something new...ok, so 4 waves may not be conquering surfing, but I am well on my way. While out, I was stung by a sneaky Blue Bubble aka Manowar Jellyfish. It attached to my rash guard and still managed to sting me through the material. I'm pretty lucky I escaped with only minor pain...

Today we celebrated Future Father's Day in our true Sunday fashion...eating an incredibly late brunch filled with breakfast treats and homemade Coconut Syrup! We called our Father's to send them our love. Then after church we enjoyed a nice pasta dinner and drove down to Sunset Beach to watch our weekly sunset...just the two of us. There is nothing better than being with your best friend...and celebrating that he will certainly be a magnificent father one day. Happy Future Father's Day Tommy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tommy and I are barely enjoying our 4 day hiatus from school. We just finished a 6-week, jam-packed term, full of Accounting 201, IS 300, Tommy's Senior Project and Evolutionary Psych. We're expecting, hoping, and praying for high marks in all of our classes. Summer Term starts on Monday...woof! 

After work we escaped to the beach for a little evening surf at Castles. Apparently I need to use the word "surf" loosely...when I say surf, I mean extreme body boarding, as I cannot get to my feet when I catch a wave. I am definitely refining my wave-catching abilities, but I can't pull of the classic "pop" technique. However, I have perfected taking on sea water! I face planted and scored myself a big gulp at the end...
Tommy spotted a sea turtle while we were out. I like knowing turtles are in the makes me feel safer, plus they love to play in the waves too! 

So lately, I haven't been able to remember a birthday to save my life! I need to send a Happy Birthday shout-out to Allison Okland Varner & Summer Lee Parker!! For weeks, I kept reminding myself about their birthdays and then when push comes to shove...I blow it completely all because of FINALS. I can't apologize enough to all those I have so rudely forgotten!  

In all my glory, I have somehow managed to remember Father's Day. However, we are in need of some major ideas! If anyone has any, please share...why is it always so hard to think of something our dads will like?!