Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our New Hale

We arrived to Laie, Hawaii on August 25, 2010. Upon our arrival both Tommy and I were feeling OVERWHELMED. Although we were excited to be here (after we both have been talking about since February!) it finally set in that this is our new home for the next two years or so. 

Our first week has been go go go! We have been busy with trying to find jobs, buying a car ("Palolo"), getting all school items in order, applying for Winter semester, finding our new ward, etc. We have only been to the beach TWICE since we've been here. 

As of today, Tommy has a job! Or so we think. He is currently working with the Production Dept. on campus. Production is responsible for recording devotionals, satellite lectures, sporting events, recitals, etc. Tommy's job is sort of perfect for him! He LOVES this kind of stuff and will be a great addition to the BYU-H Production Dept. 

Laie seems to be the same. It's good to be back. Tommy hasn't stopped playing 20 questions. He thinks I know everything there is to know about Hawaii, Laie and everything in between. I find myself asking him random questions as well. I guess we're both so excited TO LIVE it up in Hawaii! 

So we have had two roach sightings! YUCK! Tommy played it cool when he found one chillin in our utensil drawer--but of course I found out and washed EVERYTHING inside! 

Other than that we've been cruising on our long boards all over Laie. We've toured the island on the city bus until just recently. We bought an '87 Toyota Camry, a real Laie Cruiser! We got on the bus headed to Honolulu at 10 am and didn't get to Palolo until 3 pm! AND we didn't get back to Laie until 7 pm! It was quite a day, but way worth it! We appropriately nick-named the our car "Palolo". Tight.

...Palolo is parked on campus {bc there's no room @ our place for her to sleep} so I will get some sweet shots of her tomorrow. And there are plenty more deets to cover...DRAMA!

Tommy and I feel more at home as each day passes. But, I left my heart in Arizona...