Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dazzling Diciembre

We celebrated Tommy's 27th! Although we were working during our entire break, I made sure we celebrated Tommy's birthday right this year. We enjoyed our celebratory McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and a sushi dinner @ Bonzai in Haleiwa. (We highly recommend the Gnarly Marley roll & the Bonzai roll). 

This is my idea of a Merry Christmas. For the first time in like 100 years Coke changed their iconic red cans in an effort to promote their Arctic Home campaign. They actually received tons of flak, which resulted in a re-release of the same red. 

We celebrated our last Christmas in Laie...for now at least. We had to document the decor that adorns the McKay building.

Unfortunately we didn't get our own tree this year (unless you count the one Tommy made--see the first photo), so we made sure stop by BYU-Hawaii's very own Christmas tree. This tree receives a lot of attention as it is the main event of Laie's annual Christmas tree lighting celebration. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without the Curtis inspired brunch. Arguably Tommy's Reason for the Season...

One of my Reasons for the Season is Tommy's Christmas Break Beard!!

Tommy has other photos we need to share. Photos that document his birthday, more Christmas, him surfing...and even some Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will post those soon.

********Journal Below********

School starts tomorrow, January 9, 2012. This will be our last semester as undergrads...98 days and we'll be home. My feelings can only be described as bittersweet. I am excited to finish my degree but I am less excited about leaving this beautiful island. I have left it once before, after completing a semester here as a visiting student back in 2005. Yes, 2005, 7 years ago and I still don't have my bachelor's. Back then I couldn't wait to get off this rock, but once I was home I longed for the beautiful sandy beaches of the North Shore. Now, I know what to expect and I know I am going to miss Laie so much more than I ever did before. We spent our second year of marriage here, being the poorest we've ever been, being the busiest we've ever been, but mostly being the happiest we've ever been--cheesy! We've both grown so much, learned so much, forged incredible friendships, and so on. It seems like only yesterday Tommy started our journey here and now it's already coming to a close, the beginning of the end. 

I am constantly caught up in a whirlwind of emotions about it, we're so anxious to move home, looking forward to medical school, buying a car, finding a place to live, finding jobs, but all at the expense of leaving paradise. Change is good, in fact it's the only thing that's constant, but I always fear the unknowns, the "What if?'s" and "How is this all going to work out?'s" in my life. Once we arrive in Arizona our chips will be up in the air, but then, as usual, they will fall exactly where they should and we'll grow accustomed to a new routine, a new budget, a new life, a beginning of a new chapter. 

It will be so nice living back on mainland. I find myself getting excited about it at times. Being near family & friends will be a treat in and of itself, just to pick up where we left off again. How can one semester or 98 days seem so short and so long at the same time?


Rodney Rasmussen said...

You will miss the islands like crazay - but get here now!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

What a memorable Christmas! I am counting down the days till you return!

Booboo said...

Roosafee - you are crazy to leave Hawaii. Maybe one of these days I will come and visit you. However, it you move back to AZ, you have a better chance of seeing me. Your choice!

From Boozer

Stephanie said...

Love the Curtis inspired breakfast..brings back fun memories.
So excited for your soon to be new chapter in life( mostly that we get to come visit you:)